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Khao Yai National Park is Located approximately 200 Km North from Bangkok,  with the nearest main towns/cities being Prachinburi or Nakon Ratchasima. The Park was established in 1962, being Thailand’s first and most well known National Park covering an area of some 2168 square kilometres, of breathtaking landscapes and scenery, and home to many wonderful animals and birds.
The highest peak in the park is Khao Rom which rises to 1351 meters, most of the region is sandstone plateau, with jungle trails, several waterfalls and caves. The wild life is best know for its Elephants, Gibbons and Hornbills, but other animals habitat the region such as Asian Jackals, Asiatic Black Beers, Tigers, Leopards, wild Pigs and Deer’s. as well as 300 species of migrant and resident Birds.
The park itself has a comprehensive network of marked and organised jungle trails, and some unmarked trails for the adventurous, Trails ranges from 2.5km to 10km in length, many of these have been created by the wild animals themselves and are now marked by brightly coloured paint on trees and rocks. For the more adventurous trails it is necessary to hire a guide/ Park Ranger, for safety reasons, and you must obtain permission to spend nights at the parks out stations
The Park offers some magical activities such as
Night Spotlighting
Tours are organised every evening, and take 1-2 hours, where you will ride a pick-up truck fitted with an extremely high powered Spot-light, to pick out night prowling animals such as Deer, Civets, Owls, Porcupines and Snakes, and occasionally but rare Binturongs, small Cats and Elephants.
White Water Rafting
This white knuckle activity takes place on the Sai Yai River, in the South Eastern area of the park, from July – October, due to the heavier rainfalls. For further information you will need to contact Sub-Station 9 (Sai Yai)
Although there is few if any hotels in the park itself, there is Dormitory and houses to rent, Camping in the park is popular, and tents can be hired at these Camp sites
The Park is very popular with Thai Nationals and Local people often use the park at week-ends and long National Holidays.
The Average Temperature is around 29c. with the hottest months being April and May, and coolest December and January, Heaviest rainfall in the region occurs throughout May until October.
Contact address
Khao ai ational ark
P.O. Box 9, Pak Chong
Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Tel: 037-319 002

 Khao Yai has been long under threat from poachers who are stripping the forest of its plant and animal wealth. In March 2000 the government launched the so-called Khao Yai Conservation Project, so hopefully future generations are able to visit this outstanding piece of nature.The park has over 50 km hiking trails, many of them formed by wildlife movement. Elevations range from 100 to 1400 metres. It is easy to get lost so it’s recommended to hire a guide. Trips to the park can be arranged easily from Bangkok.

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