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Mae Hong Sorn is a peaceful spot located in the north-western corner of the Kingdom. Visitors will notice a strong Burmese influence. The city has been a place known for power struggles between various Tai and Burmese kingdoms over the years.

The city is best visited between November and March when the town is at its most beautiful. Mae Hong Son is sheltered by several mountains, keeping it cooler during the summer months and allowing the temperature to drop to only 2ÂșC during January. The mountains have long been home to various migrant hilltribes. The area is also home to opium smugglers and illegal loggers, which have sadly brought the hilltribes into their illicit activities and thousands of Burmese refugees who had to leave their home country because of the opressive regime in Yangon.

The region's many natural attractions have brought increasing numbers of visitors over the recent years. It is very popular with independent travellers. There are more than 20 guesthouses.

Mae Hong Son is a great place for daytrips in the region and provides great opportunities for adventures; on its twisting roads, sweeping rivers and in the mountainous forested region, passing through villages with Burmese/Shan style temples. Waterfalls, not only pleasing to the eye, but also fill small pools which are a perfect treat at the end of long treks through the forests. The region is also well known for its multitude of caves: archaeologists have discovered some 67 in the province. The 400m long cave at Tham Lod, about 80km to the northwest of Mae Hong Sorn is just one of these fine caves.


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