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It is very easy to get around in Thailand either by bus, car, train or plane. You can even hire a motorcycle. Check the different means of transport.

By Plane
Bangkok Domestic airport terminal is 25 km north of the city. Airport departure taxe is required at domestic departures. Domestic passengers have to pay 60 baht/person. Thai Airways maintains an extensive network to any place of importance in the kingdom. Alternatively you can check with Bangkok Airways Bangkok, Samui, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hin and Ranong.

Taking a plane to or from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Phuket and Ko Samui is highly recommended. Prices are very cheap and they are a number of dialy flights allowing the traveller a lot of flexibility. The best bargain is probably the flight Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son.

By Car
Thailand has a good up-to-date network of well-maintained roads and highways between all main centres. Much of the north-south route is dual carriageway. Road signage follows international convention and usually are in Thai and English. Often the smaller roads, known as Sois, are in Thai only.

Night driving is not recommended on the open road due to heavy truck traffic, which tends to have little respect for cars. Motor bikes can also a hazard, particularly as they are often ridden into oncoming traffic. Driving on the most of the major routes outside Bangkok and around resort areas is both a safe and an enjoyable experience. A self-drive holiday offers the opportunity to experience wonderful Thai culture and the opportunity for travellers to stop as long as they like at the many points of interest in the Kingdom.

Most cars in Thailand use unleaded petrol, which is sold by the litre. While vans use diesel. Both fuels are freely available throughout Thailand and prices generally range between Baht 14. to Baht 17.- per litre for them. Fuel stations are plentiful and most of the larger ones accept major international credit cards. In more remote locations cash will be required. Check the daily oil prices here

Road Rules

Thailand uses the left-hand system. The maximum speed limit in cities and towns is 60 km/h (35 mp/h) and varies between 100 and 120 km/h (60-72 mp/h) on expressways and country roads.

Police regularly check motorists' speed. Wearing of seat belts is compulsory and drunk driving laws apply. All insurance is invalid if drivers exceed the legal alcohol limit.

Car Rental

While there are numerous car rental companies as well as comprehensive self drive holiday packages available it is worth noting that rentals from many of the smaller companies are not covered by insurance and you will be liable for any damage to the vehicle regardless of who is at fault.

Several Internationally recognised car rental companies either have offices in Thailand or have allocated agents here. While these companies are generally more expensive they do tend to offer better insurance coverage.

Courtesy of Ethailand.com

By Train
Trains are a great way of travelling and the country takes pride in a well-maintained rail system that reaches almost every corner of the country. Several different classes of train travel are available, from coach to private sleeper, and from regular to express service. Most people tend to buy a sleeper train. The route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and to the South are the most popular with the foreign visitor. For the train in Thailand, no advance reservation is available. You have to go to the train station to purchase the ticket or ask a local travel agent to do so. Luggage Allowance - 1st class 50 kg; 2nd class 40 kg; others 30 kg.

By bus
Modern and comfortable air-conditioned buses provide reliable service to every province and all the major towns. Regular and local buses, while usually slower and less comfortable, are extremely reasonably priced. You can buy ticket at every bus terminal (Please note: in Bangkok there are different bus terminals!) or contact any local travel agent to help with purchasing a ticket. Besides that there are mini-buses leaving from Khao San Road to nearly any spot of tourist interest. There are very cheap, direct, but very often very uncomfortable. Besides that you will not meet any local people. Last but not least - coach tours are available with most travel agents.


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