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There are four main Thai languages spoken in Thailand (Central Thai, Southern Thai, Northeastern Thai (the same language is used in Laos) and Northern Thai, but the language refered to as Standard Thai is close to Central Thai. Being in Bangkok you might notice that Bangkokians skip the "r" in words like the polite ending "khrap".

Learning Thai as a "farang" is not really easy, but the Thai people really appreciate if you make an effort. If you want to learn basic words and sentences buy a Thai language course which is available in every book shop selling English language books.

Thai is a very complicated language to learn with a unique alphabet to make it even more difficult. To master a few words is not difficult however and will be greatly appreciated by the locals. Here are some essential words. For more information on the Thai language go to Travlang. Notice that Khrap is used as a polite ending for men and kha for women:

Yes = chai
No = mai-chai
Thank you = kob-khun
Thank you very much = kob-khun-mark
You're welcome = mai-pen-rai
Please = ka-ru-na
Excuse me = kor-tose/kor-a-nu-yart
Hello = sa-wat-dee
Goodbye = lar-korn
So long = narn/yao-narn Good morning = sa-was-dee-torn-chao
Good afternoon = sa-was-dee-torn-bai
Good evening = sa-was-dee-torn-khum
Good night = ra-tree-sa-was
I do not understand = chan-mai-kao-jai (f) pom-mai-kao-jai (m)
How do you say this in [English]? = khun-ja-pood-nee-pen-[pa-sa-ang-glish]-wa-young-lai?
Do you speak ... = khun-pood ...?
English = pa-sa-ang-krit
French = pa-sa-fa-rang-sez
German = pa-sa-yer-re-man
Spanish = pa-sa-spain
Chinese = pa-sa-jeen
I = chan (f), phom (m)
We = puak-lao
You (singular, familiar) = khun
You (singular, formal) = khun
You (plural) = khun
They = puak-kao
What is your name? = khun-cheu-ar-rai
Nice to meet you. = dee-jai-tee-dai-pob-khun
How are you? = khun-sa-bai-dee-mai?
Good = dee
Bad = mai-dee
So so = kor-young-narn-lae
Where is the bathroom? Where is the toilet? = hong-nam-you-tee-nai?


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