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            25 Must Do, Must See Things in Thailand

1.  Full Moon Parties, Hat Rin & Ko Pha Ngan:- Apocalypse Now without the war. Location: The Gulf Coast, Region: Ko Pha-ngan. link:- www.fullmoonparty-thailand.com

2.  Ko Chang Archipelago:- Enjoy the glorious beaches of Thailand s 2nd largest island, or escape to a more peaceful corner of the archipelago. Location: East Coast, Region: Ko Chang.

3.  The Grand Palace, Bangkok:- This is a must see beautiful and rather breathtaking temple, Wat Phra Kaeo and the Emerald Buddha. Region: Bangkok

4.  Umphang Treks:- For the adventerous traveller, Rafting and hiking through the jungle from Umphang to the impressive Tee Lor Su falls. Location: Central, Region:Phitsanulok.

5.  Journey on the Death Railway, River Kwai:- Thailand s most scenic trip and possibly its most historically well known, using the same track as constructed by WWII POW s, with the complete story told in the nearby Hellfire Pass Museum, Location: Central, Region: Kanchanaburi.

6.   Khao Sok, National Park:- Khao Sok, is mystic and memerable place to spend a few days, in the tree top houses, surrounded by misty outcrops. Location; Andaman Coast, Region: Phuket. 

7.   Pai:- River rafting on the Pai, for that extreme adrenalin rush, for the adventurous. Location; Northern, Region: Mae Hong Son.

8.   Ko Similan - Diving and Snorkelling:- widley regardedd as one of the worlds finest area s to dive in the world, A chain of National Park Islands that hold breathtaking underwater scenery. Location: Andaman Coast, Region: Phuket

9.   Wat Phu Tok:- A unique atmospheric Temple, for meditation, located in a dense wooded outcrop, a place of relaxation and spirtual awarness. Location: Northeast, Region: Udon Thani.

10.  Sukhothal:- Thailands 13th Century Capital, Explore the ruins of the old city. Location: Central, Region: Phitsanulok.

11. Wat Pho :- A lively and lavish Temple, where you can view the awesome Reclining Buddha, and visit the Massage School. Region Bangkok.

12.  Damnoen Saduak :- A more traditional floating market, a totally new experience in shopping. Region: Bangkok

13.   Chiang Mai :- Thailands second largest city of Monestries, traditional Thai Bazaars and the anarchic Sonkran Festival held mid april. Location: Northern, Region:Chang Mai.

14.  That Phamon :- One of Thailands oldest cities, visit around January and February to witness various festivals, especially the 10 day Phra That Phamon Festival. Location : Northeast, Region: Udon Thani.

15.  Bridge of the river Kwai:- Walk across the legendary bridge, a symbol of the Japanese atrocities, the towns war museums and cemetries are a moving tribute to WWII. Location: Central, Region: Kanchanaburi.

16.   Krabi, Sea Canoeing:- One of the most exciting methods to explore the lagoons, caves and hidden beaches of this extraordinary coastline. Location: Anadman Coast, Region: Krabi

17.   The National Museum :- A vast collection of Thailands Historic and Artisic treasures. Region: Bangkok

18.   Phetchanburi:- some of the temples in this historic region are steeped in beauty, and date back 300 hundred years, some are still in use to this day. Location: Gulf Coast, Region Phetchanburi

19.   Khoa Yai, National Park :- The Great Hornbill features extensivly in one of Thailands most popular National Park, experience guided night Safaris and Treks. Location: Northeast, Region: Khoa Yai National Park.

20   Songkhla :- A superb base, miles and miles of beautifull sandy beaches and fasinating sight, brilliant Resturants, and night life. Location: Deep South, Region:Songkhla/ Hat Yai

Must Do

21.   Watch Thai Boxing :- Thailands national sport, and national obsession, There are Thai boxing Venues throughout the country.

22.   Traditional Thai Massage :- Combining the elements of Massage, Acupressure and Yoga, a superb way to revitalise your body.

23.   Thai Cooking and Food :- Embrass the cooking of fresh ingredients, and powerful flavours that make up the Thai Cuisine.

24.   Visit on a National Festival:- There are many festivals throughout the calender, join with the local celibrations.

25.   After Dark Markets :- Experience the markets throughout Thailand, stalls and lamp lite food carts, sell thier goods by night, a truely Thai experience

And Finally.

Thai Night Life: The Thai people are happy, non- judgemental and open minded party people. Although the night life scene can often feel seedy to the western traveller, the sex industry in cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket is known world wide, and is intrinsic to the Thai way of life, To cover this Aguide2thailand will offer seperate links to webstes providing information on this subject.  




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