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    To enter Thailand your Passport must be valid for at least six months, from the time of arrival

    Visas :- There are three main types of entry visas 

    1. Transit Visa (TS). Tourist are issued entry for up to 30days
    2. Tourist Visa(TR). Valid for up to 60 days, but should be obtained from a Thai Embassy prior to arrival in Thailand
    3. Non-Immigrant Visa. These can be obtained from the applicants home Country. A letter from the applicant’s Company or Organization guaranteeing their return, should be submitted with the application.                                                                                                             

    Most Western Passport holders have no trouble gaining entry for the tourist Transit Visa, on arrival.

    Re-Entry Visa:- For those who wish to leave and then re-enter Thailand, before their Visa expires, available from the Immigration Dept.

    Visa Extensions:- Are obtainable from the Immigration Dept, the number of days extension granted can vary from 15 days - 30 days (some find it an easier process, to leave Thailand and return, where a new TS visa for 30 days will be granted)

    New One Year O-A Visa:- These Visa apply to over 50’s, and classed as "in retirement", one restriction is that applicants are not permitted to receive any income from a Thai source.

    Additional Information can be obtain from Thai Ministry of Immigration or their Website, www.mfa.go.th  


    for a less formal guide to visas look at:  www.thaivisa.com

    For information relating to Visa applications to the U.K. contact the British Embassy Bangkok. http://www.britishembassy.gov.uk












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