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    Thai Cuisine
    Thai Cuisine is well know for its exciting combination of flavours and spices, an over all conception is that Thai cuisine is often hot through the use of Chillies, but there are many Thai dishes that can sweet, sour or bitter in taste
    Thai Cuisine is a fine balance of ingredients that tend to vary within the various 4 Thai Regions of: Northern and Northeastern ( Issann), Central and Southern, as an example, Thai Curries produces in the Southern area tend to contain more Coconut milk and fresh Turmeric, while in the North a regional curry would contain maybe more curry, fresh Basil and Lime Juice.
    Unlike western cuisine of a single main course, A typical Thai meal consists of a single main dish or Rice [Khao] with a number of side dishes served concurrently.
    Rice forms the main stay of the Thai diet, Thai Jasmine rice is renowned throughout the world, and regarded as the best there is available, The long-grained Thai Rice grows in abundance in Thailand’s central plains, it is a delightful Rice with a slight fragrance of Jasmine flowers,  the rice is generally steamed and served with high aromatic Curries, and other Stir-Fried dishes (as with most Asian cooking, stir-frying is the preferred method) these dishes sometimes contain large quantities of Lime Juice, Chillies and of course Lemon Grass. The Curry or Stir-Fry dishes is often poured directly over the Rice, creating a single dish called Khao rad Gang, (Thai:-  ข้าวราดแกง)
     Another very popular rice dish, especially in the Northern area’s is Sticky Rice called Khoa neow, (Thai:- ข้าวเหนียว.) which is a variety of the rice containing an unusual balance of starches, causing it to have a sticky texture, when cooked, the rice is then rolled into a small ball and  dipped into a curry or stir-fry. Khoa neow is very common in Issan, where is forms the staple food, as bread would in the west.
    Noodles also play a strong role in Thai Cuisine, but are served as a single dish, and often referred to as noodle soups, or when Stir-fried called Pad Thai, (Thai:- ผัดไทย) Noodle soup and Pad Thai, can be served in number of varieties, and is a popular late night snack, sitting at a late night noodle soup stall, is a truely wonderful Thai experience.
    One very unique dish to Thailand is Nam Prik, which is basically a sauce or paste, prepared by crushing together Chillies and Garlic with other ingredients such as shrimp paste using a Pastel & Mortar, Nam Prik is often served with raw or blanched vegatables, which are dipped into the sauce, and eaten with Khoa Neow, occasionally as a Thai/ Western fusion, Nam Prik can be spead across a warm roll or bread. Each and every region in Thailand will have its own method of ingredients and preparation.
    Thai Food is generally eaten with a Fork and a Spoon, Chopsticks tend to be used only to eat noodle soup or Pad Thai. The fork is always held in the left hand, and used to place your food on to your spoon, however it is common practice for Thai’s and people from the North and Northeast area’s to use their right hand when eating dishes that include sticky rice, even in restaurants it is not thought ill mannered, to use your hand to dip your rice into side dishes.
    Often Thai food is served with a variety of spicy condiments to embolden the dish. This can range from dried chili pieces, sliced chili peppers in rice vinegar, to a spicy chili sauce such as the nam prik mentioned above
    One Ingredient to be found in most Thai dishes, and in every region is Nam Pla, which is a very Aromatic, Strong tasting Fish Sauce, A paste of made from a combination of ground Shrimp and Salt, is used frequently in most regions.
    Various leaves and plants are used in Thai cooking, such as fresh Kaffir-Lime which is used in nearly all Thai soup, such as the hot and sour Tom yam, which give the food is characteristic flavour, Thai curry is normally prepared using a combination of Garlic, Galangal, Lemon Grass, Turmeric and Fingerroot blended together with varying amounts of Chillies and spices to form the main curry paste. Fresh Thai Basil and Lemon Grass is a firm favorite to produce the fragrant Thai Green curry, other main ingredients include Palm or Coconut sugars, Coconut milk or Lime Juice, small green Thai eggplants and Tamarind.
    Thai Cuisine is generally Hot and Spicy, using a variety of different chillies and Spices, other ingredients such as Pahk chee (cilantro), Rahk pahk chee (cilantro root), Pong kah-ree (curry powder or paste) Si-yu dahm (dark soy sauce),Prik haeng (dried shrimp), Pong pa-loh ( a five spice powder), Tua fahk yao ( long beans), Nahmahn hoi (oyster sauce) Prik Thai (Thai Pepper) Prik pao (roasted chilli paste) and Rice and Tapioca Flour as a thickening agent.


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