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  •                 About aGuide2Thailand.com

    AG2T is managed by a group of guys, who collectively hold a vast amount of Knowlegde and understanding of Thailand. each have thier own business experience and skills,

    Steve D :- Webmaster and General Manager : Steve has been going to Thailand for many years, originally went in the late 1980’s as a vocational teacher, in Management studies, helping implement Training & Development in Bangkok. he later returned as a regular visitor/ holiday tourist. Steve D is now semi retired from his Training & Management Company (Lazy Get)

    Paul L :- Sales Manager :- Paul’s first visit to Thailand was in the early 90’s, Backpacking, he has been returning 2-3 times per year ever since, Paul has traveled extentsively throughout the kingdom, and knows much of the county, and its customs extremely well. although not married as yet, he has finally found his Thai Match, and we reckon he will Thai the Knot very soon!!!(Wedding to be held at Steve P’s little place on Samui) Paul now helps maintain & sales the properties Gary Builds. when he is not searching Thai Mini Marts for REAL JD

    NB Steve D & Paul & Gary. can often be found in Pattaya, posing as Tourist and hiding in Well Known Guesthouses & Bars, so as not to recognised by the many Friends of their Girlfriends.. Paul rides a bright Yellow Honda, while Steve D has his beloved Biege Neuvo!!! if you spot them... grass um up.. just tell the sisterhood in Peppermint

    Steve P:- Associate Consutant :- Steve P has a long standing relationship with Thailand, and now holds business interests in Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui and Sakhon Nahkon as well as  Business & Property interests in London, Steve has been successfully married to his Thai Lady for over 10 years, They now live 6 months of the year in London and the other 6 in Thailand.Steve P can often be found in his Jomtien Condo hiding from Nan (the wife) who knows nothing about the place.. until NOW!!! sorry mate..

    Gary A :- Associate Consultant :- Gary is a very sucessfull property developer, with interests in Japan, Spain, Bulgaria, and Thailand as well as the UK, what Gary does not know about buying Land and developing property is not worth knowing, although Gary is the quite one and the baby of the group (he has only just qualified for his retirement Visa) he can party hard, do not be fooled by his quite and charmimg exterior... he has a very mischievious side to his character..

    Ian R:- Associate Consultant :- Ian is an experienced Merchant Banker, who lived in Thailand for over 25 years, employed in the banking sector in Bangkok and later Udon Thani, Ians knowlegde of Fananical matters relating to Thailand is unsurpassed, Ian is the more serious of the six and helps us keep our feet on the ground... A Total Banker..

    Dave A:- we are working on it, we are not really sure what he does, apart from counting his money exchange on the Baht Bus, until the wind blows the lot down Jomtein Beach Road, Dave in the bus heading UP the road 20,000baht heading DOWN the road. 12 years in Thailand Dave you should know better!!! got to laugh its only money.

    These fella’s can often be found partying together in Pattaya, or Samui, and occaisionally Phuket. (when we can talk Steve P in letting us have FREE rooms!!) they are all very down to earth guys, and not at all effected by thier own success, always good for a laugh and up for Fun, if you do bump into them. Do Not play J.D Party games with Paul!!!! or go on a Bacardi/Songsam Bash with Steve D.. be warned, ( by the way, when is the nexted Full Moon Party ?Steve D. or have you been banned from setting another foot on Koh Phangan for life)

    Oh!! we do also have female input, behind every sucessful Man is a high strung but experienced Thai Lady, apart from Ian R. as said before he’s the sensible one!!

    On a sensible Note: (yes Ian) all we want to achieve is to share our experiences in a light hearted way and have fun doing it, ok we would love to see this website grow and grow and be sold for a few Million pounds in a years time(Oh!!sorry Ian we’ll stay sensible) or just grow and become a  popular Thailand based Webcommunity

    Each of us has our own seperate page, so that we can add bit content, about what we are up to, maybe give a bit of advise, and warn other not to do as we do. it could be good laughing material, or bore the b***ock off. who knows!!!!



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